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This right here is for all the TRUE extreme porn fans. You ain't gonna see no fake shit around here, no playful choking, no staged "violent" sex, none of that. All the snuff porn videos featured on here are 100% real. Now, you gotta ask yourself – are you ready to see these videos in all of their glory? Are you brave enough to handle it? Our snuff porn collection is pretty fucking diverse. You are not going to see the same rape video over and over again, no. We are going to give you access to some of the most warped XXX videos out there. Let's start this off by saying that we have a ton strangle vids. Seriously, there's nothing hotter than watching some dumb bitch suffocate/nearly suffocate as she's naked and/or getting fucked. Strangulation videos and strangle porn, in general, are for all the true snuff porn devotees. They are chokingly addictive! When there's strangulation, there's also hanging. Hanging porn videos feature chicks that decide to take their own life with the help of good ol' rope. It's always hilarious and exciting – watching some hottie struggle, try to break free from the noose. They always regret the decision during their last seconds, which is hilarious, as we mentioned before. As far as rape video and the like go, we can't forget about our collection of shooting vids. "Shooting" porn is exactly what it sounds like. Sexy babes getting shot up with all kinds of guns. Some prefer pistols, some whip out assault rifles, shotguns or our personal favorite – sniper rifles. Don't you want to see some hottie get blown to smithereens? It is as hot as it sounds! Once the bitch is dead and the culprit is still rock hard… Well, it's only natural, isn't it? We were talking a bunch about rape video clips and stuff, but you have to realize that dead people can't consent to anything, technically necrophilia is always rape. You're gonna see some sexy corpses violated – Ed Kemper style. It's all gonna be incredibly hot because necrophilia is not something that you can find on the internet, without resorting to deep web exploration. We, on the other hand, are not hiding – you can watch necrophilia porn here as much as you like.

Forced Sex and Rape Porn Videos For You

Of course, for people who are not into fucking corpses or murdering chicks, we have a selection of "vanilla" porn, as far as extreme XXX goes. We are offering you FREE raped porn. You're going to see real-life rape, serious forced sex, forced blowjob, forced rimjobs, you name it. There's no shortage of FRESH raped porn videos featuring whimpering sluts getting used and abused. Naturally, there's some overlap with all the darker pornography. Sometimes, raped porn videos turn into a complete murder fest with some forced sex after the kill. Granted, sometimes it's all about forced sex/forced blowjob/forced whatever with no violence… but where's the fun in that? Anyway, now that you know how sick and perverse our videos are, we are letting you stream and download them for free. Show us what you like and we are going to give you what you need.